The Huddle: Our Furry Kids


We love our pets, whether they are little furballs or more of the scaly variety. This week, we’re sharing our babies.

Lucy Hallowell: Our kids are dying for a dog but we live in an apartment where we can’t have pets. Our older daughter actually gave my wife a dollar of her own money to help us buy a house. So, instead of a dog or a cat we have this guy. His name is Swimmy and he is sassy as hell.


Emily McGaughy: My wife and I are the lesbian stereotype type when it comes to our love for our dogs. Siddhartha aka “Sid” is the blonde and Bettie is the grey one. We are crazy about them both. Sid is very protective of me and rarely leaves my side.  Bettie loves everyone and never meets a stranger, but loves my wife more than anything. We always joke that we’re concerned about having kids because we might still love our dogs more.


Jenna Lykes-Duggan: This is Elizabeth “Flapjack” Bennet. Her mom died when she was, like, three weeks old, so she’s got some issues. She is tiny and we love her even though she can be scary. And this is Elinor “Ellie” “Dr. Pajamacat” Dashwood. She used to live on the streets. Her whiskers have never grown straight, she’s missing part of her tongue, and we’re pretty sure she’s seen some stuff, man. 


Dara Nai: Mikey is a Shiba Inu. He’s a very handsome old man now, but here he is as a pup. He lives in the wide open spaces of Montana because my ex was able to give him the life every dog deserves.


Erica Feliciano: Kit is a Rat Terrier. She recently turned 11 years old, but she still has the energy and curiosity of a puppy. She’s on crazy pills, because, well, she’s a pretty crazy dog. She has a love for beer, just like her two moms. She even has her own Instragram. And she’s a bit of a party animal, as you can see by her photo.

Kit 1

Laura Zak: Gus is a six year-old Chihuahua/Boston Terrier mix who lives with me and three other lesbians in Echo Park (including Amy Jackson Lewis & Lindsay Hicks). He has his own IMDB page (he had the best continuity of anyone on the #Hashtag cast:), and can be found on Instagram. He’s polyamorous and is known for pulling tricks at the dog park, sleeping under covers, and has a house reputation as a Gateway Dog for his effectiveness at wooing cat people.  


Bridget McManus: If you know me then you know I need an animal intervention. I’m so obsessed with my pets that I want to take them everywhere and smother them with kisses at all times (which my oldest doggie Taffy Davenport does not approve of). My youngest, Francine Fishpaw, is completely insane and makes me laugh nonstop. 

My wife and I recently lost our beloved cat Shelby, and Taffy and Francine have really stepped up and been so attentive to our grieving hearts. Animals are so damn smart and I would be lost without these two little white monsters. And, because we live in Hollywood, CA, both Taffy and Francine have acting credit since they starred in my mockmentary series McManusland. Only in LA, right?

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