Behind-the-scenes of a new Wildfang campaign with Evan Rachel Wood


Out actress Evan Rachel Wood took a trip up to Portland this week to shoot a new campaign for tomboy fashion house Wildfang. While details are being kept top-secret, these behind-the-scenes photos indicate that the project (which uses #EvanRachelWould) will be a mix of sexy and funny. (A gorilla suit??)

#EvanRachelWould#EvanRachelWould - Photographer Chris Hornbecker_X6C5303_edit

#EvanRachelWould - Photographer Chris Hornbecker_X6C4930_edit

#EvanRachelWould - Photographer Chris Hornbecker_X6C5009_edit#EvanRachelWould Selfie

#EvanRachelWould - Photographer Chris Hornbecker_X6C5311_editphotos by Chris Hornbecker

#EvanRachelWould Gorilla Suit

We can’t wait it in its entirety! Wildfang says to expect the #EvanRachelWould campaign at the end of March.

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