Hallmark’s Valentine’s Day ad features adorable lesbian couple


Hallmark has a new campaign for Valentine’s Day called Put Your Heart to Paper, and a couple named Eugenia and Corinna are a part of it. The two were video taped separately, talking about first meeting each other, and how they show love to one another. Then they get together and watch it all, and oh man, the feels.

Video transcription below:

Eugenia: I think I was wearing like the worst outfit I could ever wear.

Corinna: I was kind of unsure about her when we first met- because she was wearing these bright shiny purple pants and like three different shirts.

Eugenia: I wear every possible item in my closet if I’m really nervous. And I remember I started laughing really hard and I looked over and she was laughing really hard as well. And I was like ah, this is absolutely perfect.

Corinna: I was so excited I couldn’t think about anything else.

Videographer: How often do you say, “I love you?”

Eugenia: I think we do it, we do it often- like a lot.

Corinna: There’s something special about the way it comes out just in everyday moments that we get really used to?

Eugenia: I think it’s like an everyday thing, or at least before you go to bed. You’re like, “Hey hun, I love you.”

Corinna: Really…mmmm

Videographer: So how would you describe your feelings without using the word “love”?

Eugenia: You make my heart 50 times bigger and I am so lucky to have you.

Corinna: She’s inspiring to me and she brings optimism to my life.

Eugenia: It’s so wonderful to be with someone who’s so full of life.

Corinna: I look over at her and see her like dancing in the middle of a living room being really excited because it’s a Tuesday.

Eugenia: Warm fuzzzies eating chocolate chip cookies all the time. I definitely should tell her that more.

Corinna: She means so many things to me to me. She makes me excited for the future and right now.

Eugenia: She is absolutely amazing and wonderful.

Corinna: Her presence- just her being around has always comforted me, it’s alway made me feel better.

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