Bianco Footwear utilizes hot lesbian couples in their new campaign


I can’t vouch for the comfort of Bianco Footwear, as I’ve never owned a pair of their shoes. However, I am a new fan of the company in general, after seeing their new ad campaign, which reader Kao kindly tipped us off to.

“How to Double Your Collection”? So true, unless you are (like me) one half of a couple that varies in shoe sizes and styles. (Me: size 11, wearer of boots, flats and the occasional heel. My girlfriend: size 8, wearer of sneakers, Chucks and the occasional flashy dunks.)

Nonetheless, I love these ads with lesbian couples embracing. How happy their footwear makes them!

It’s so great to see lesbians in advertisements where they are fully-clothed and not buying beer or roomy cars. Not that we don’t love beer and cars, but you know, we also like shoes and just hanging at home with our boos.

So would you wear Bianco Footwear, based on their advertising alone? How about paired with shoes you actually like? I’d say they’re likely to have a great return on investment. Not only do we double our closets, we double our household income. We’re basically the ideal customers.

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