Lindsay Lohan’s recipe for fashion disaster


Last Saturday, as Lindsay Lohan and DJ Samantha Ronson were walking into the VIP Room Theater in Paris, an animal rights activist approached the couple and dumped a bag of flour on Lohan’s dress and fur stole.

Lohan and Ronson hurried into the club to pose for red carpet photos, while the woman fled the scene. Just before she ran away, she told reporters that she doused the actress with flour because Lohan is a "fur hag."

In case you’re wondering, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) this year named Lohan to its list of the "Worst-Dressed" Celebrities of 2008, due to her love of fur, snakeskin and other animal-based apparel.

In response, PETA Europe’s Robbie LeBlanc issued the following statement: "There is nothing remotely ‘fashionable’ about the torture and death of animals killed for fur. Lindsay Lohan might be able to ignore images of bloody animals skinned alive for their pelts, but we hope a dash of flour will help her rise to the occasion and forsake fur once and for all."

After the flour incident made headlines, Ronson posted this blog, "Flour Power," about it on her MySpace page. Below is an excerpt from her post:

"There is a fine line that distinguishes the difference between exercising our freedom of expression and offending others, for example the debate regarding freedom of speech vs. hate speech…. i feel that this principle should apply to protestors also. It’s a pity that some groups feel the need to assault people as opposed to fighting with words.

… PETA should focus their efforts on educating people on what they believe are injustices instead of seeking press via harassing those in the limelight. I received an apology too many days late from the PETA folks (the blog removal was too little too late) and today I’m pissed at the bag of flour thrown on Lindsay last night. Not because I got powdered down, but because the girl who threw it acted like an animal herself. I take that back, it’s an insult to animals to group her in with them, my dog is FAR more civilized than that person. I would have more respect for them if they didn’t use other people to get their point across. Lindsay, Mary Kate, Ashley Olsen, Anna Wintour and the rest of the targeted celebrities aren’t the problem, I’m pretty sure they’re not the only ones wearing fur, in fact, they should be appreciated by PETA for giving them a target. If it weren’t for them, who would get them press?????

I know I’m probably going to get a lot of angry emails in response, but I don’t really care. I got enough last week for no reason so I’m more than happy to ignore the nastiness after seeing what I saw last night. I’m not about to throw on a fur coat in retaliation, but had I had one within reach, I’m not sure I would have walked away from it.

p.s. when was the last time you saw an animal attack one of its own in defense of a human? hmmmmm….. that’s one to grow on!

P.s.s. i think there are plenty of families that could have used that flour for a meal. nice job, lady."

I understand Ronson’s point about animals generally not attacking other animals to defend humans, but let’s not be too hasty.

So, in all seriousness, what do you think about this type of in-your-face activism from PETA? Is it effective, or counter-productive?

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