Top 10 Lesbian Tumblrs of 2014



Tumblr is my jam, my shiz, my virtual addiction of choice. Last year, when I was but a wee AE newbie writer in my first glorious month of employment, compiling a fabulous listicle of homoerotic tumblettes was a great delight. Since then I’ve taken the helm of AfterEllen’s Tumblr presence and wasted countless hours engrossed in the oddly calming routine of scroll, scroll, reblog, scroll, repeat. If you don’t know about Tumblr, it’s a hotbed of homosexual activity. Gays from around the globe flock to Tumblr’s aesthetically-appealing embrace for community, humor, and hot women.

There are countless Tumblrs dedicated to lesbians, lesbian celebrities, lesbian dating, baby dykes, androgynous hotties, cute gay couples, queer shipping, lesbo characters, homo humor, and pretty much every facet of homosexuality known to man. As self-appointed queen bish of AfterEllen’s wildly popular (if I do say so myself) Tumblr presence, I’ve encountered all of them, and honed a fine list of the very best blogs to follow, like, reblog, and overall admire. Whether you’re newbie or veteran, these blogs are my (impeccable) selections for must have additions to any discerning dashboard.

1. The Lesbian Guide

The Home of Lesbians and Queer Women


A veritable ‘mo mecca, the lesbian guide continues to be your one stop Tumblr shop for all things girl on girl. The Lesbian Guide is run by a collective of Canadians queers tirelessly toiling to provide resources, eye candy, and hilarious quips for their legions of loyal followers. I’m particularly impressed by the patience and compassion The Lesbian Guide shows when answering anguished baby gay questions along the lines of, “I think a girl is pretty. Am I LESBIANING?”, “How do I come out to my parents???” or “Am I gay/bi/pan/di/poly/queer/omni/genderfluid/or just some new, glorious strain on not straight never fathomed before Mama bore me under a moistened toadstool one moonless night?” Ya’ll are doing the gaylord’s work in style.

Gold Star

The Lesbian Guide was on last year’s Top 10 Lesbian Tumblr rankings, making this site a Gold Star Tumblr!

2. Homolesbians

“We’re everywhere. The best lesbian+ posts on Tumblr. International perspective.


Curated by a clever Scandinavian in her late ’20s, Homolesbians is a meticulously updated source for the witty, pretty and gay. Mixed in with TV gifs and fetching lesbian couples macking, are socially aware and political posts addressing feminism and a myriad of social issues from across the globe. Homolesbians excels at informing without preaching in a well balanced and thoroughly enjoyable blog.

3. Model Lesbians

“French for fuck you”


The most artistic Tumblr listed, Model Lesbians is a high brow visual Tumblr curated by Kathryn, a New York-based photographer inspired by her deliciously dykey subjects and friends. Model lesbians made the list last year and continues to flourish. “I started ML in October 2009, and I’d describe it as a mélange of fashion, art and architecture, with a penchant for beautiful and often scantily clad women,” Kathryn says,.”I don’t really look for anything in particular when I’m choosing images. Rather, I choose things that catch my eye as I scroll throughthat one thing about an image that really grabs me, the punctum according to Roland Barthes. The only criteria are that the image grabs me, and that its aesthetic fits well with the rest of the images.”

Gold Star

Model Lesbians was on last year’s Top 10 Lesbian Tumblr ranking, making this site a Gold Star Tumblr!

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