Played Out: TGIF


TGIF. I’m just kidding: When you freelance everyday is Friday. Well equal parts Friday and, “Oh shit, rent is due.” But I digress. All the same, welcome back to Played Out.

This week I’ve got some good earworms for y’all. But I have to be honest: I didn’t even listen to the Coldplay single. I just didn’t want to. Hope that’s chill, ladies.

Instead we got a Nicki Minaj leak, a very cute lyric video and my attempt at Christmas spirit, plus other stuff!


Nicki Minaj (Featuring Beyonce) – “Feeling Myself”

We sit a little less than a week away from Nicki Minaj’s The Pinkprint release, and just happened to be lucky enough that some devil is leaking tracks left and right. “Feeling Myself” might just be my favorite, with Beyonce upping the ante throughout. 

Lydia Ainsworth – “Wicked Game” (Chris Isaac Cover)

Listening to my mom talk her feelings about Chris Isaac as a kid was traumatizing, but I did always love this song. Lydia Ainsworth does it the original proud, although for some reason I don’t imagine the video to her version would be a beach romp.

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper – “Billions of Eyes”

I’ve long time been a fan of Maine native, Brooklyn local, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper (pictured on the homepage, photo by Shervin Lainez via Facebook). This first track off her forthcoming LP has just sparked more excitement for the rest of the record, not to mention it may be the first time ever that I actually enjoyed watching a lyric video. 

Meanwhile – “Apples & Oranges”

If Jamiroquai, Prince and Hedwig (of the Angry Inch, of course) had a baby that was a song it might sound something like this.

Listenbee – “Save Me”

From the label that brought us Kiesza comes Listenbee. Super listenable, bright and upbeat. A total “my head is bobbing uncontrollably” track.

Leo Kalyan – “Full Circle”

This is the song this week that I am most likely to be caught creating my own video for, i.e. dancing to on the subway platform while people grow increasingly uncomfortable watching.

Krill – “Torturer”

My ex-girlfriend introduced me to Krill last year, so I guess I can’t say everything was bad about that relationship. This first single is a little grimey, a little skuzzy, and fits perfectly with some of the best music coming out of Massachusetts these days.

Snow Ghosts – “Bowline”

Sounds kind of like if you dropped The Cardigans (remember them?) into a doom filled landscape in a video game. That is to say, pretty awesome.

GANGLY – “Fuck With Someone Else”

A video from a mysterious internet band. Which sounds annoying, because it is. The thing is, the song isn’t annoying. It’s really good.

Landlady (Featuring Amelia Meath) – “Please Come Home For Christmas”

I know people get really into the holiday season, so I tried to find a Christmas song this week. There was one about being high, some covers, some other stuff, and then this one featuring Amelia from Sylvan Esso. I’m Jewish so maybe I missed the point, but it’s jangly and I could see drinking hot chocolate with my mom in pajamas to this, so…

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