Celebrities are protesting Prop. 8 — and so can you


This Saturday, Nov. 15, is a national day of protest against Proposition 8 (and similar anti-gay marriage measures across the country), and if the last week is any indication, gays and lesbians across the country will be joined by some famous faces in the fight for equal marriage rights.

Despite the passing of anti-gay marriage laws in California, Florida, and Arizona last week, the encouragement and support of our straight allies hasn’t ceased. In fact, it’s grown ever greater in the past week. Public figures like Drew Barrymore have been protesting alongside everyday citizens, adding their voices and star power (and their own signs) to the cause.

Actress Rose McGowan showed her support for the community in a recent protest.

Out celezbians like Liz Feldman and Tegan Quin joined together in protest.

Nancylee Myatt and Maile Flanagan (with her wife Lesa) were also out and proud against the proposition this weekend.

Isn’t that what equality is all about?

Go to JointheImpact.WetPaint.com to find out the nearest protest location to you for this Saturday. You never know who you might be standing next to.

If you’re in New York City, you have two chances to protest this week: in addition to Saturday’s protest, there is a very large protest planned in front of Manhattan Mormon Temple on Wednesday (tomorrow).

If you’re not able to get out to a protest, you can make donations at InvalidateProp8.org.

Still not convinced? Watch this video from RefusetoHate.com. It should remind you what we’re fighting for.

Also be sure to watch Keith Olbermann’s emotional speech to his viewers about the importance of legalizing gay marriage. Then send it to all the straight people you know.

Want someone to protest with? You can organize a meet-up with other AfterEllen.com readers at the protest in your city in this Prop. 8 forum thread.

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