TV Alert: “Bones” lesbian episode airs Wednesday night on Fox


In the next episode of Bones (Fox) — "The Skull In the Sculpture," airing tomorrow night at 8pm — Angela’s (Michaela Conlin) previously mentioned ex-girlfriend Roxie, played by In Plain Sight‘s Nichole Hiltz, finally makes an appearance when she becomes a suspect in a murder investigation.

In this promo for the episode, Booth is taken aback to learn that Angela and Roxie were together for a year, and Bones wants to know what the big deal is:

Look for our review of the episode late Wednesday night &#8212 but be forewarned: it’s no coincidence that we’re getting a lesbian-themed episode of Bones in the middle of Sweeps. After this episode, Angela will most likely go back to being bisexual in the same way that Callie on Grey’s Anatomy is (i.e. it will rarely be mentioned again).

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