Ruby Rose stirs up some heat down under


The Australian equivalent to America’s Kim Stolz is Ruby Rose, an out lesbian

MTV VJ. At close to 6′ tall with dark brown hair and bangs that hang just

above her sparkly green eyes, she is always smiling when in front of the


The Sydney-based brunette became known outside of her

homeland over the summer when she was spotted holding hands and kissing Jess Origliasso

of the twin-pop band The Veronicas, which toured with Disney teens The Jonas Brothers.

Jess’ bisexuality came into question and Ruby was dragged

into the tabloids with her.

Ruby Rose (left) with Jess Origliasso

Most recently, Rose has been “spotted” kissing the

“straight” Australia’s Next Top Model

contestant, Samantha Downie.

Rose (who is only 21) seems unfazed by it, though, and says she’s dating

someone who isn’t Jess, but won’t comment further on it.

She recently told Australia’s

The Daily Telegraph, “I’m sick

of seeing myself in the paper and I’m sure everyone else is sick of seeing me

as well, so I’ve grounded myself for two reasons. Hopefully this whole Jess

thing will kind of fizzle out. I also want to … just promote my job because I

love (it). It’s kind of annoying that it overshadows what I’m here for.”

Unfortunately, The Daily Telegraph

has followed Rose almost as closely as US

stalks Lindsay Lohan. Any public outing is fodder for their front


Rose began modeling when she was 9 years old. “I first started modeling

for that fake grass stuff they invented for playgrounds,” Rose said in an

email interview with “It was great. Then I stopped until I

was 16.”

To get her gig with MTV in 2007, she had to audition and then compete against

three other top picks.

“We had to do these ridiculous stunts set out by Bam Marjera!” she explained.

Anyone who has seen his  hi-jinks in Jackass, or on his own MTV show, Viva La Bam, can guess what Rose had to

put up with. The Australian press noted some of the stunts included downing 100

shots of beer in 100 minutes, and kissing strangers on the streets of Sydney.

“Having to kiss strangers, like complete randoms down a busy Sydney street [is]

another thing that my grandma will be impressed with when she watches it,”

she told The Herald Sun.

But she must have handled it well enough, because now she’s

interviewing rock stars. Rose said her favorite interview to date has been with

hip-hop group Cypress Hill.

“They were funny and we had trouble filming because we would just laugh

for minutes at a time,” recalled Rose.