Heather Matarazzo wants to spend all her money on her fiancée


Musician Carolyn Murphy is one lucky girl. Her partner, Heather Matarazzo, recently told 365gay.com that all of her hard-earned money goes into buying things for Carolyn.

Heather was asked, “How do you like to spend your money? How would Carolyn answer this question?” and after saying “On Carolyn,” she followed it up with, “And Carolyn would say the same.”

Heather’s career as an actor has steadily progressed since she first appeared on-screen in Todd Solondz’s Welcome to the Dollhouse. It was a role that could pigeonhole some people, especially a young actor, but since then, Heather has been able to play a myriad of roles on both film and TV (vagina wig, anyone?)

After coming out as a lesbian, she’s been able to straddle the line of lesbian parts (on The L Word, Exes & Ohs) and straight or otherwise ambiguous roles (Hostel 2, Life on Mars).

From her consistent success to her recent engagement, Heather has given 365gay.com reasons to inquire about her financial strategies, as well as the big question: “Do you plan on having one of those outrageously expensive Hollywood weddings?”

Her answer: “There is definitely not a plan to have an outrageously expensive Hollywood wedding.”

Does this mean neither she nor Carolyn will be donning Zac Posen? In any case, we hope she’ll stray away from any of her Exes & Ohs character’s sense of style for the big day. Playing Crutch, the youngest and most carefree one on the show, Heather wears some wild tops to accompany her bright red hair.

So has Crutch taken anything away from her older, wiser Seattle pals?

“Truthfully,” Heather said, “I don’t think Crutch was open enough to learn anything.”

We can only hope she’ll get out from behind the coffee shop counter in Season Two and invest in some new threads (and a place to live).

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