German news anchor Dunja Hayali comes out

on reader Nicole went above and beyond the call of tipster duty by not only giving us the news that German news anchor Dunja Hayali has come out, but also translating the interview for us. Danke shön, Nicole!

Even in German, though, you get the idea: “Moderatorin Dunja Hayali outet sich als lesbisch.”

On Sunday, Hayali, who anchors “heute,” the news broadcast; “heute-journal,” an evening news magazine; and ZDF-Morgenmagazin, a morning show, spoke openly about her sexual orientation for the first time with German newspaper Express.

Hayali and her girlfriend, Mareike Arning, have been together for about a year, she told the Express. They met five years ago in Cologne, where Arning works for a sporting goods company and sings in Uschis Orchestra. Arning plans to move to Berlin shortly so the couple can spend more time together

Hayali, whose parents are from Iraq, became the first minority news broadcaster for a major German network in April 2007.

Hayali is the second high-profile German TV journalist to come out in less than a year. Anne Will, the popular anchor of evening news show Tagesthemen, came out last November, when she acknowledged her relationship with university professor Miriam Meckel.

If you happen to read German, you can catch up on Hayali’s career at Monsters & Critics. Otherwise, you can join me in hoping we see a lot more of this woman — preferably in a tank top.

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