This Week In Lindsay: The fashion, accessories and hearsay edition


It just wouldn’t be a week worth living without an update on the exploits of one of our favorite budding young (alleged) celesbians Lindsay Lohan.

Lohan dropped in for a screening of Madonna‘s directorial debut, Filth And Wisdom (hosted by The Cinema Society and Dolce and Gabbana), which is probably the movie star equivalent of making an appearance at the boss’s barbeque. (Or, in this case, showing up at the boss’s barbeque dressed as the boss himself. Check out their look alike press photos here.)

OK! Magazine is reporting that Lohan wants Madonna to sing on her upcoming album, Spirit in the Dark. She was quoted as saying, “That would be incredible…That would be beyond.” When reporters passed the news along to Madonna, she replied, “Yeah, sure. Why not?” Nothing like an enthusiastic seal of approval from one of your heroes!

Lohan at the Filth And Wisdom screening

If Madonna does stop by the studio to make some vocal magic, she will be just one of many big names recruited to contribute to Spirit (along with Timbaland. Ne-Yo, The Neptunes, and Pharrell). Throw Charo into the booth and Spirit might just be the sonic equivalent of The Love Boat.

That same day, Lohan set aside some time to launch her very own legging collection, 6126, at Henri Bendel. Lohan, herself an avid legging enthusiast, named the line after the date of idol Marilyn Monroe’s birthday. She stated on her MySpace blog that Monroe represents the sort of “timeless, confident glam” that Lohan is aiming for with her leggings.

Lohan and sister Ali Lohan at the 6126 launch

Personally, I’ve always thought of leggings as being more “outdated, unimaginative dumpy” than anything else, but maybe it’s just a generational thing.

Lohan was also spotted with her girlfriend, Samantha Ronson, at the Saks launch of the 10TH Annual Key To The Cure Charity Shopping Weekend (benefiting women’s cancer charities) in New York.

Samantha Ronson and Lohan at the Key To The Cure Charity Shopping Weekend

The latest rumor about Ronson and Lohan is that they got engaged on their recent vacation in Mexico. MSN reported the engagement story, but their source was a questionable British tabloid.

Did Ronson give Lohan a $100,000 Cartier diamond band on the beach in Cabo San Lucas? Did they celebrate with Cristal champagne until 2am “before disappearing into their hotel room together”? I don’t know it’s true, and I don’t think we should bother asking their rep for confirmation.

When Lohan recently stated on the syndicated radio show Loveline that she and Ronson had been dating for a “very long time,” her publicist told the press that it was not a “confession” and that Lohan actually meant that she and Ronson had been close friends for a very long time. But when the other big rumor about the couple, that of their eminent breakup, began circulating this week, the same publicist told the press, “They are fine.”

So now a breakup is worse for business than a potential big gay wedding? I think that qualifies as some warped form of progress.

Finally, all of the engagement and breakup talk fanned the bitchy flames of E!’s gossip columnist, Ted Casablanca, who wrote a nasty little blog post speculating on how soon Lohan would be dating men again. He wrote:

“Say it ain’t so. Could Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson’s “special” relaysh already be on the fritz? It’s only a matter of time before L.L. retreats back and finds comfort in her fave male body part. ‘Course, we’ve been warning this one since that gal went all lesbyterian, anyway, but makes us wonder…”

And if the horrible, unfunny slang wasn’t bad enough, he then posted a poll, “Bi Now, Gay Later?” that offered readers three choices to best describe their opinion of whether or not bisexuality “actually exists.”

  • Not a chance, it’s a stop on the way to homoville.
  • Sure, I’m a little Anne Heche. I’ve experimented with both sexes.
  • Angelina Jolie dabbled with a woman and found her way to Brad Pitt. Works for me.

You can head over there now to flame him if you want, but rest assured that plenty of other E! readers have already beaten you to it (and some of their comments are pretty funny). What’s even stranger is the fact that Casablanca is an out gay man. As punishment, I think Lohan should refuse to sell him any of her confident glam leggings.

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