How gay would a straight girl go to join a sorority?


The title of the web series Sorority Forever is enough to scare me. Forever? That’s such a long time. It’s a little too cult-ish for my liking. Let’s just learn the secret handshake, wear matching T-shirts and graduate college, OK?

So I wouldn’t be watching this CW web series without a reason, and this is it: the new episode (clocking in at just three minutes, 11 seconds) is called “Girl on Girl.” Intriguing, yes?

Turns out I had good reason to be scared.

Watch first, then we’ll discuss:

So aspiring (probably straight) sorority sister Taryn is willing to “dedicate herself” to Rachel just to get into the sorority, and (lesbian/bisexual) sorority sister Rachel is happy to take advantage of that by pressuring her into doing something she clearly doesn’t want to do.

The abrupt end &#8212 with Taryn pausing to look fearfully at Rachel’s jeans &#8212 tells me that next week’s episode will feature the aftermath, and I doubt it will be the girls coming out as a couple to the rest of Phi Chi.

I’m thinking it’ll probably unfold in one of two ways: Taryn crying and Rachel asking her not to tell anyone and threatening to blackmail her. Or, Taryn crying and Rachel looking like a predatory lesbian or bisexual sorority sister.

Actually, no matter how it ends, Rachel looks like a predatory lesbian/bisexual.

Hopefully, all two people watching this web series will understand the ridiculousness of this story line, and just chalk it up to writers who have an ax to grind with lesbians. And sororities.

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