M.I.A. briefly comes out of retirement and introduces Mini M.I.A.


Back in June, M.I.A. set off rumors of an early retirement by announcing that her show at Bonnaroo would be her last show ever. Many were skeptical, but in August, she reiterated that she had no intention of returning to the music industry:

[Bonnaroo] was my last-ever show. And it still is. I stopped touring after that and I didn’t want to make music again. I was quite happy to just leave it all behind. I was happy with what I had achieved.

As their hearts sank into their scuffed Converse Chuck Taylors, by early September, fans and music industry bloggers alike finally blew out the torch for their darling M.I.A.

This past Saturday, however, M.I.A. came out of retirement for a brief set at the Diesel xXx Party in New York City, and she brought along a surprise guest, whom we shall call “Mini M.I.A.”

M.I.A. showed off her lovely new lady lump at the Diesel party in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn, a show that also featured Franz Ferdinand, T.I., Chaka Khan and N.E.R.D.

We’d like to extend our congratulations to Ms. Mathangi Arulpragasam, who joins luminaries such as Amy Poehler and Gillian Anderson in the Cool Soon-to-be-Mom Contingent.

We would also like to take note that M.I.A. is the only one out of the three who can pull off wearing spandex while preggers. M.I.A. is truly a woman of many talents.

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