Interview with Honey Labrador


Model/actor/producer/TV personality Honey Labrador recently spoke with while she and her manager were on route to the airport in New York, where her new film, April’s Shower, had just had a preview screening. It was released two days later, on January 13, in limited cities and is also playing on here TV this month. How was last night’s screening?

Honey Labrador:
It went really well. They had two theaters of people down at the quad and a great response. So it was pretty exciting. But, you know, 48 hours in New York is never enough.

AE: Definitely not. And are you based in L.A. now?

Yes, I’ve been in L.A. for about 15 years. We actually have a premiere tomorrow night at the Regent Showcase, because Regent is releasing April’s Shower. So it’s being released theatrically, officially, on Friday the 13th, which should be a lucky day. I just don’t believe in those superstitions. It opens Friday in New York, L.A., San Francisco and Palm Springs, and then we have a rollout to ten different cities over the next two months.

AE: I hear there’s a special event after the premiere in L.A. Are you guys all appearing somewhere?

Actually Girl Bar is sponsoring a screening Friday night, the opening, and then everyone

can get into Girl Bar. There’ll be a party there after the Friday night shows, so that’ll be fun.

AE: Can you tell me a little bit about your character in April’s Shower, Sasha?

Sasha is a character who in some ways is very much like me. Like, I need to know right now, and I’m not going anywhere until I get an answer. And if you don’t tell me the answer that I want to hear, then I’m going to do whatever I have to do. And that’s how Sasha is. Sasha and her girlfriend Sophie are mid-fight and so, of course, they have to bring this fight to the shower. Because it’s not finished. Like the two crazy Latin kind of lesbians that we are, we’re just going at it from the moment we walk in the house.

AE: Are you Latina?

Well, my father was Philipino, Chinese and Spanish. I’ve got all of that Spanish kind of

crazy blood, on the one side.

AE: Let me make sure I have all of this right: You had an international modeling career that started when you were 17?

Yes. I’m the big 4-0. I turned 40 this past year. So, I started modeling at 17, and, yeah, I modeled all over the world. I’m from New York originally. I grew up in Southampton. You know, I got married, had a kid, and then realized that, oh wow, I like girls. I had a six-month-old

child and then my first girlfriend just appears. The rest is kind of history, but I moved out to L.A. to pursue acting, and really ended up be coming a producer. And then by stroke of luck and faith I ended up getting Queer Eye for the Straight Girl, and that put me in a totally different position with the LGBT community — one that I’m really grateful for. But it keeps me extremely busy.

AE: What are you up to these days?

Well, right now I have a daily, live talk show. It’s a morning show. Well, it’s the morning on the West Coast. But it’s on Q Television.

AE: You’re talking about The Brunch?

Yeah, The Brunch is my show. We’ve been doing it since September 6th, and I co-host with Scott Withers. Scotty and I have a great time. We’re like the gay Regis and Kelly. I’m Regis, he’s Kelly. Anyway, we do this talk show every day. It’s kind of a sit com-y hybrid with a talk show kind of thing. It takes place in the apartment that we’re in and, you know, we have a good time. It’s very skewed in focus for the community, and our guests are all different kinds of people in the community: actors, singers, directors, charities. And we try to tackle serious topics from time to time, and it’s informative and it’s fun.

AE: Who are some of the guests or charities and what are some of the topics you’ve had on the show?

Well, a topic we did last Wednesday — and it really was a great show, though it was the most different format that we did to date — was on teen suicide prevention. Just because it’s a subject very close to me, and The Trevor Project is one of my favorite charities. And there’s another one, Teen Line Online, which is a suicide hotline manned by teenagers. It was just something that I felt was really important to do, and we got a lot of response from viewers from all different places in the country. Which is great when you have a platform, to be able to use it, to really reach out and be able to help other people. Because I think that so many people, especially in that position, think that they are alone. And especially in our community.

Then we’ve had others. We just do fun things. I get to have singers on. Actually Sam Harris, a wonderful singer, is co-hosting for me today. And, you know, Ted Allen from Queer Eye has been on. I had him on before the holidays and got him to whip up some things. But I have a minor background in cooking, so I get to cook on my show sometimes. That was one of my survival jobs when I was out there struggling as an independent producer, I had a catering company, so I get to bring those talents.

You know, it’s just been great to have different political people on, from the Log Cabin Republicans to whatever the Democrat comparison is. It’s really been a great opportunity. We’re going to be covering the Gay Games in Chicago in July. Q is covering all of those. So we’ve had a lot of athletes and different people who are involved with that. We’re going out to Sundance. I’m going to be out there covering some of the film festival, especially, obviously, the members of our community who are directors, producers, actors and the like. And the Queer Lounge, which I’m sure you’ve heard of. And Ellen Wong, who’s a dear friend. It’s great that we have this opportunity to reach out to all areas of the community. So I’m really getting familiarized with areas outside of Hollywood and outside of the film and television industry, which is fun.

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