Halle Barry, Eva Longoria and Laura Linney are begging you not to vote


In honor of the vice presidential debate last night, I thought I would fan the political flame of interest a little further by drawing your attention to the newest voter awareness public service announcement.

A galaxy of stars turned out for a PSA that urges young people not to vote because, after all, who cares about Darfur, gay rights, terrorism, global warming? Ah, I can sense that a lot of hands are going up out there, and for that you are true patriots and our country thanks you. (Those who didn’t put their hands up can see me after class.)

So what kinds of stars are in this PSA? Probably just a few you may have heard of. You know, like: Halle Berry, Laura Linney, Jennifer Aniston, Eva Longoria, Ellen DeGeneres, Natalie Portman and Demi Moore. (Not to mention some of our favorite actors, like Leonardo DiCaprio, Forest Whitaker and Jamie Foxx.)

If you dare even to think about not voting in this upcoming election, think again. This star-studded cast clearly all have degrees in mind trickery because they are about to dazzle you with some serious reverse psychology.

After watching that, you were probably either a) amused and touched that celebrities can come together and deliver such an important message as to tell us to vote or b) irritated and insulted that celebrities think that just by coming together they can convince us to vote. Either way, this PSA has affected voter registration. Within the first hour of the video posting, 10,000 people registered to vote, so there are people who are definitely listening.

Whether or not you decide to vote because Halle Berry looks amazing in that video or because Sarah Silverman made you laugh out loud, or because it’s your right and you planned on doing it no matter who showed up in that PSA, it is crucial that you do it. But I’m sure you know that by now.

So get online, register and, you know, vote.

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