The Lo-Down: The Sports Episode


This week Sarah Pecora and I deliver a somewhat random Lo-Down, encompassing a whole range of Crock P.O.C. topics including whether chicks who ride motorcycles are by definition hotter than those who don’t ride motorcycles, to what you should say when people ask, “What does your tattoo mean?”

Then we turned our attention to the hot topic of … sports! Yes, it’s true, neither Sarah P. nor I are particularly big sports fans, but given my fascination with the Olympics and the fact that we recently attended a sporting event together, we I thought this was a great subject for us to discuss. Plus it gave us a chance to drool over the deliciously tattooed Natasha Kai, the only out soccer player on the U.S. national team and a woman of color.

Speaking of tattoos, we were originally going to include video of Sarah P. getting her latest tattoo, but you’re just going to get a sneak peek this time, because she’s not quite done with the process (yes, it requires multiple sittings). Hopefully next time we’ll have more to show you!

The Lo-Down: The Sports Episode

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