Heather Matarazzo Officially Engaged to Carolyn Murphy


Actor Heather Matarazzo, 25, is officially engaged to musician Carolyn Murphy (picture above, left), Matarazzo’s publicist announced today.

Lisa Jammal told E! News that Matarazzo “is engaged to Carolyn Murphy. They’ve been together for over a year.”

It was “love at first sight,” according to Jammal. They both proposed to each other, she said. “It was really cute. First Heather proposed to Carolyn, then Carolyn proposed to her.”

The two are very supportive of each other and totally in love, Jammal added.

No date for the wedding has been announced.

Matarazzo and Murphy at the 2008 Trevor Project Benefit Gala

Matarazzo got her start as a tormented teen in the hit indie film Welcome to the Dollhouse (1995) and went on to star in mainstream movies such as The Princess Diaries (2001) and indie films including Saved! (2004) and Believe in Me (2006). She currently co-stars in Logo’s lesbian comedy Exes & Ohs, and was also recently seen in The L Word and the popular horror movie Hostel: Part II (2007).

Matarazzo came out publicly as a lesbian in 2004, when she was 21.

In an interview with AfterEllen.com, Matarazzo recalled her first kiss with a girl as a teenager. “We were sitting in my pink room with pink carpeting,” she said. “It was summer and we were sitting Indian-style across from each other and I was so incredibly nervous. And I thought, ‘Yeah, I am definitely gay.'”

In May, the California Supreme Court overturned the state’s ban on same-sex marriage, prompting a flood of gay and lesbian couples to register to marry or announce their engagement — including celebrity couples Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi and George Takei and Brad Altman.

Massachusetts is currently the only other state to allow same-sex marriage. On Thursday, the Bay State’s governor officially signed legislation allowing out-of-state gay couples as well as residents to marry in Massachusetts.

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