Getting to Know “Lovers and Friends”


The cast members are equally enthusiastic about their

participation the series. “What really attracted me to the show [was that

I] would be able to work with so many talented and powerful women,” said Rodriguez,

who serves as the assistant director in addition to playing the closeted boss

having a tryst with her employee Tori.

Left to right: BeBe Brunswick, Nicola Pina, Christy Rodriguez,

Kendal Starr, Marlaina Law, Shakelia Tharpe

Rodriguez was headed to California to focus on her acting

career when Johnson asked her to work on the show. “Next thing I know, I’m

in the show assisting directing, and I haven’t been happier,” she said.

Kissa Jo, who plays a “nasty, bitchy” character named

Sasha, said was also headed to another locale when she auditioned for the show,

but she had a “gut feeling” about the project and dropped her plans

to move.

“I saw the first episode and I was so impressed,”

she gushed. “I saw so much potential, and it was like finally someone is

doing something instead of just talking,” she said of Johnson’s ambition

and drive to actually follow through with plans to create the show. “In

California I had a free ride for school and just refused to leave because I

just truly believe in this project and that it’s going to be big one day.”

For Tamar Sabb, who plays the character Deirdre,

participating in the show has political implications. She said she “gets

tired” of watching TV and seeing characters whose lives are alien to her.

“I mean I love The

L Word
, I love Queer as Folk, but

I couldn’t relate to anybody on that damn show,” she said. “It’s a

beautiful thing to see people that I know and that I can relate to on the

screen knowing that we’re online, that there’s someone in California watching, that

there’s someone in the Caribbean watching it.”

The enthusiasm the cast has for their characters was clearly

detectable in their voices when they talked about their roles on the show.

Law, who plays Kai, said she loves portraying an innocent

yet flirtatious jock butch character who also can “carry out a good amount

of drama.”

The handsome Tharpe, who plays the two-timing Dre, said that

the thing she likes most about her character is her confidence and “that

she doesn’t care about what people think about her.”

Rodriguez also cited confidence as the best asset of her

character, Mercedes, but admitted that one of the best parts of her role is

that she gets to work with sexy Nicole Pina.

Pina, who was cited last month as one of the “hottest

women of color” on, is just happy the show is on the map. After she received the

accolade for her attractiveness she called her mother, who gave her a slap-in-the-face

reality check and told her, “Don’t let it get to your head.” Pina

said the praise was “amazing” and “unexpected.”

Johnson and Greene are astounded by how quickly the show has

achieved a cult-like following online. The D.C. event was the first time she

received feedback from fans in person, and she “really got the

understanding that wow, this is bigger than just emails. It was just a shock.”

Greene said she “didn’t know we’d be this far already.”

While they are ecstatic about the success they have already

experienced, they still have to contend with obstacles in raising funds and getting

the show more exposure. They plan to hit more festivals, including Jacksonville

Black Pride (Aug. 8–10) and Atlanta Black Pride (Aug. 9–Sept. 1).

But for Johnson, by far the most difficult issue in

producing the show is “money, money, money.”

While the first episode is available in its entirety on YouTube,

the subsequent episodes only have previews available online. Reminiscent of the

early distribution for the black gay television series Noah’s Arc, full versions are only available for purchase on DVD

and can be ordered from the show’s website. Green would love for fans to

continue to show their support by buying DVDs to supplement the show’s budget.

“We need all the support that we can get so we can keep

going,” she said. “It allows us to be another alternative to what’s

already out there.” She is an advocate of supporting indie entertainment

in general.

“Let’s not let other people decide what we should

watch,” she continued. “Let’s support ourselves.”

For more on The Lovers and Friends Show, visit its

official website.