Helen Mirren brings sexy back to 60


Helen Mirren is sexy. This isn’t my opinion; this is empirical fact. It’s just one of life’s great truths. It’s like the rise and fall of the tide every day — dependable yet still, somehow, magical. What’s that? Evidence? You demand proof? Behold, Helen and her itsy, bitsy, teenie weenie. Sure, it’s not a yellow polka-dot one, but it is unmistakably a bikini. And, wow, is it ever sexy.

Earlier this month, shots of the newly 63-year-old star rocking her bikini bod while on vacation in Italy caused quite a stir in the British press and beyond. But for anyone paying attention, this is nothing new. Helen has always been a hottie. She was even officially deemed one by you in the inaugural AfterEllen.com Hot 100 list (No. 31 in 2007, shamefully absent in 2008 — hint, hint for 2009).

These days along with inspiring legions of women decades younger than her to do more crunches, Helen is helping to bring the concept of “sexyback” to a whole generation of women who our youth-obsessed culture has unfairly put to pasture. Male actors in their 60s and beyond are still routinely considered desirable leading men. Take Robert De Niro (64), Harrison Ford (66), Al Pacino (68) and Jack Nicholson (71).

But female actors are too often given an artificial, not to mention ridiculously premature, expiration date for their attractiveness. But, guess what: We’re all going to get older. Time spares no one. So it’s nice to have role models in graceful and downright sexy aging to look up to like Helen.

Of course, Helen isn’t the only one. A look at some of the sauciest 60-somethings out there: Susan Sarandon (61), Candice Bergen (62), Charlotte Rampling (62), Diane Keaton (62), Jacqueline Bisset (63) and Catherine Deneuve (64).

(Sidenote: You can take everything I just said about Helen and insert Tina Turner‘s name and it would still hold true in spades. Oh, by the way, she is 68. Age ain’t nothing but a number, baby.)

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