The Lo-Down: Guestbian Dara Nai


On this week’s episode of The Lo-Down I welcome a special guest co-host: Dara Nai, the fabulous writer behind “bad machine” as well as star vlogger from We’re Getting Nowhere (not to mention Hottie No. 93). We shot this episode live from the Beverly Hilton, where I spent what felt like 10 years covering the 2008 Television Critics Association press tour.

I like to call this special episode the “All-Asian Episode,” since I interviewed Dara (sort of) about what it’s like to be a hot Asian lesbian. We also talked about the celebrities we encountered during TCA (yes, they really look that good), the strange swag the networks were handing out, and why stalking is a part of my job.

The Lo-Down: Guestbian Dara Nai

Next time Sarah Pecora and I will be back with another special Lo-Down that I’ll call “The Tattoo Episode,” since we record Sarah getting her newest tattoo. We will also take your questions, so keep on sending in your Crock P.O.C. topics!

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