Natalie Portman gets cooler by the minute


I might have reservations about putting Natalie Portman at the top of my totally subjective Truly Perfect Women list, except Natalie does something awesome, like, every two months, to reassure me she belongs there.

Sure, 27-year-old Natalie is gorgeous, fashionable, has great taste in music and is a fellow vegan: That’s all the makings of an awesome lady. Add to that, she’s Harvard-educated, can speak Hebrew, and now designs (leather-free!) shoes. She tops all that off with a sense of humor that compels her to do some zany things in videos and short films.(Natalie’s rapping about her bad ass self in an awesome SNL video is now the stuff of legend.)

More recently, we’ve heard of her dropping trou for a bit part in Wes Anderson’s sprawling Hotel Chevalier. A few months ago we saw heavily circulated paparazzi shots of Natalie being amazingly calm as a cute little dog lifted his leg and took a leak all over her couture coat. But, the pictures from a moment later are more telling: The dog has finished his business and Natalie is laughing her head off.

Now, Natalie is at it again, appearing with her hirsute boyfriend, the Venezuelan-American musician Devendra Banhart, in the trippy new Bollywood-inspired video for his song “Carmensita.” Check it out — Natalie turns herself into an octopus!

Are you a Natalie Portman fan? Which of Natalie’s many special qualities is your favorite?

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