The Lo-Down: Wanted


In this week’s Lo-Down, Sarah P. and I give you our review of the new Angelina Jolie movie Wanted, which just opened last Friday. In the movie, Angie plays a deadly assassin with some fantastic tattoos and extremely large guns. These assassins used to be weavers. Yeah, like people who made carpets.

If you just said “Huh?” then you’re right with us. We won’t give away the ending of the movie or any of the key plot points, but we do have a lot of fun poking fun at this strange and comedic backstory.

But before we get into the movie, we have an exciting edition of the Crock P.O.C. in which we give advice on whether or not you should go topless at your local Dyke March, among other things. We hope you enjoy it, and please leave your Crock P.O.C. topic suggestions in the comments!

The Lo-Down: Wanted

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