Brunch with Cheerleaders (Brunch With Bridget, Episode 25)


This week, Bridget McManus brunches with comedian Gloria Bigelow, who co-stars with Bridget in the upcoming documentary Laughing Matters…Next Gen, and can currently be seen every Friday on the talk show vlog Cherry Bomb.

Gloria and Bridget reminisce about their cheerleader days, Gloria reveals the perils of coaching seventh grade cheerleaders, and they share strategies for performing stand-up in front of hostile straight audiences.

They also attempt to create a gay cheer, and pretty much fail —but it’s fun watching them try!

Brunch with Bridget: Episode 25 "Brunch with Cheerleaders"

Check out Gloria on Cherry Bomb, and on or her MySpace page, and watch previous episodes of Brunch With Bridget.

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