Give Kathy Griffin a Grammy, please


Kathy Griffin is everywhere these days. The D-List star just wrapped up hosting duties on Bravo’s A-List Awards, the fourth season of her reality show My Life on the D-List just premiered on June 12th, and if you live in Los Angeles (and can still afford the gas for your car) you can cruise down to Sunset and Laurel Canyon and find the fiery red head on her very own billboard promoting her new CD, For Your Consideration.

Griffin has purposefully released this live recording of her February 17th show at the Grand Theater Center for the Arts in California, not so her fans can have her sassy commentary on celebrities at the touch of an iPod, but rather, so she could be in contention for the one award that has seemingly eluded her (and that she could possibly be eligible for since I don’t think any of us are seeing Oscar in her future): the Grammy.

Kathy’s reality show has already taken home Emmy gold and more recently she just won a GLADD award for Outstanding Reality TV Show. If Griffin gets her Grammy wish she will become a Hollywood triple threat: an Emmy award winning, Grammy winner, that is beloved by the gay community (it’s these kinds of accolades that have worked wonders for the careers of Liza and Barbara.)

The new season of Life on the D-List will document her quest to win Grammy gold with her new CD. Some of tracks include “My First Rebanning (Hi Barbara Walters!),” “Oprah is a Deity (And I Think She is Full of S–t),” “The Osmonds Were Never Cool,” and “Freaky Doll People (Demi? Oh Yeah!)”

Provided that Barbara Walters, Oprah Winfrey, Donnie and Marie or Demi Moore are not on the Grammy board, I think that the snarky redhead may have as good of shot as any to get some Grammy love. Hey if Bill Clinton can win one, then why not Kathy?

Will any of you be helping the D-Lister out and picking up Griffin’s CD?

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