SHE MADE ME WATCH THIS! 2008 Summer TV Debuts


In the middle of a loud New York thunderstorm, Dee (one half of Come With Me if You Want to Live) joins Lori and me in reviewing the debuts of Gimme Sugar (Logo) and In Plain Sight (USA), and the new seasons of Army Wives (Lifetime) and My Boys (TBS).

When we’re not trying to find something nice to say about Gimme Sugar, we applaud the use of Native American actors on In Plain Sight, the last-minute twist on the second-season opener of Army Wives, and the fact that My Boys‘ PJ is not a lesbian.

Along the way, we raise questions like, is America over reality TV? Do I know way too much random trivia about Mary McCormack? Will Dee ever get a word in edgewise?

We also discuss what we’ve been doing so far on our summer vacation; what a reality series of our lives would look like; and which dogs are the most dangerous (hint: it’s not the ones you think!).

She Made Me Watch This! 2008 Summer TV Debuts

Let us know what you think of these shows, and what a reality show about your life would look like, in the comments!

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