Photos of the 2008 LA Pride Meet-Up


This past Sunday marked the annual Pride celebration in Los Angeles, and since many of us were already out getting farmer’s tans and paying too much for bottled water anyway, we gathered for an informal meet-up at the end of the parade route outside of The Normandie Room.

A few of us vloggers (from Cherry Bomb, Ghostella’s Tomb, We’re Getting Nowhere, and Brunch with Bridget) and some of the women from 3Way were in attendance, and we were all thrilled to meet our fellow readers. Thanks to everyone who braved the mayhem and came out to say hello.

Below are some of the photos we took at the event, and some from readers who sent them in (thanks!). Happy Pride!

Vlogger Dara Nai flanked by two friendly AE readers

AE reader Carmen and Cathy DeBuono

Cherry Bomb vlogger Dalila with Cherry Bomb‘s producer Bethany Landing, and fellow

Cherry Bomb
vloggers Tatum and Nikki

Dalila, Maeve Quinlan, Nikki, Cathy, and Tatum

Dalila and Jenny Shimizu

Vloggers Stacie Ponder, Bridget McManus

and Karman Kregloe with an AE reader

Jackie Jones with her portable kissing booth and a willing participant

Mission accomplished!

Jill Bennett and Bridget with an AE reader

Karman and AE reader Brit

Maile Flanagan (right) and an AE reader

Nancylee Myatt, an AE reader, and Maeve

Stacie with AE reader Tori

Tatum and a group of AE readers

Jill and an AE reader

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