Glamour magazine awards its women of the year


Glamour magazine held its annual Women of the Year awards in London last night. From the winners and attendees, it’s fair to say that the Brits are still ahead of the game in who they consider the top lady achievers. I’d be surprised to see several of the winners included on any American list.

Some of the winners include:

Beth Ditto – International Musician

B Diddy (if I may be so bold as to call her that) brought her partner to the awards, which only makes her more awesome in my eyes. The out and totally proud singer has won hearts everywhere, but she’s recognized more for her talents in the UK. What’s wrong with us, America? This woman rules.

Kelly Osbourne – Theatre Actress

Ozzy’s daughter has earned the right to come out of his shadow finally with the success of her performance in the West End production of Chicago last year. Her sleek new look has also aided in her being less of a, uh, mess.

Lily Allen – Editor’s Special

Lily may be going through some tough times after having a very public miscarriage and break-up, but she’s also been working hard in the UK as a television host, musician and style icon. With her pink hair and bright white dress on the red carpet, she certainly stood out as “special.”

Spice Girls – Band

Mel B wasn’t the only Spice woman to attend (both Emma and Geri were also at the awards show) but she looked so spectacular, she deserves to be featured. The Girls won for their reunion this year, which was a success worldwide.

Other winners include Kate Moss (Entrepreneur), Hayden Panettiere (Newcomer), Leona Lewis (UK Solo Artist), Kate Beckinsale (Film Actress), and Annie Lennox (Inspiration). Did Glamour get it right?

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