Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (April 18, 2008)




The Dinah Shore party might have officially ended two weeks ago, but it’s only just ending for us on After days of editing and posting video footage of the weekend’s comedy, high jinks and coordinated chaos, we’re finally coming to the end of our 2008 Dinah coverage. (Thank God we have a year to rest until the next one!)

If you missed Julie Goldman‘s stand-up performance at Dinah when we posted it on the site earlier this week, you must watch it. Seriously. It’s so funny it will make you cry. Go ahead, watch it now — I’ll wait …

Dinah 2008 Logo Comedy Cocktail Hour: Julie Goldman


See, you’ll never be able to use the word lezzilla again without laughing, will you?

New Yorkers can catch Julie Goldman in her one-woman show, The Julie Goldman Offensive, tonight at the Puffin Room, or next Saturday, April 26 at the Culture Project (go here for more details on both shows).

(New Yorkers can also catch one of my new favorite comics, Gloria Bigelow, at Ruby Fruit almost every Monday night; check out Gloria’s MySpace profile for more info, and look for an interview with Gloria on in the next month or so.)

Many of you have asked Bridget McManus to create T-shirts for her new “sorority” (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch this), and she has kindly obliged through her Zazzle store. Here are a few of the items in her store, including a “Run Cocky Run!” shirt. (Of course she’d take the rooster’s side over mine!)

Bridget’s new logo is courtesy of reader (and graphic designer) Kayla Jones, who also created new graphics for the Gay Girls Who Game and Retro Reviewing vlogs, and is working on some other cool graphics for us, as well. Thanks, Kayla!

If you live near L.A. and still can’t get enough of Bridget after all the Dinah videos, you can see her live and in person as the main event in her upcoming show, Tall Dark and Random, at the M Bar on May 8 at 8 p.m.; buy tickets here before the show sells out. You can also see Liz Feldman and her blazer performing live at Akbar on April 22 at 8 p.m., and on again very soon. Like, this weekend, maybe. (Hint!)

As for Jill Bennett, Dara Nai and Karman Kregloe, you’ll be able to see them on again next week when they debut the first of several special (i.e., random) episodes of We’re Getting Nowhere between now and the end of June, when they’ll begin recapping the first season of The L Word. Yes, that’s right, it’s more fun with sock puppets! I can’t wait to see them re-enact the scene in which Dana brings the gang to stake out the Soup Chef’s restaurant.