Angela Bassett gets her star


Last spring, scribegrrrl blogged about the 2008 inductees to the Hollywood

Walk of Fame, and noted that Angela Bassett — owner of one of

the best sets of biceps in Hollywood — was slated to be among them.

Well, yesterday was her big


Wearing a dress that lay bare

her biceps, Angela Bassett tearfully acknowledged the honor.

“Who would have thought

that a little girl in pigtails from St. Petersburg, Florida, would grow

up to find herself gazing at a star with her name on it, on the Hollywood

Walk of Fame? This day is so, so special to me.”

Although it’s hard to take

the Hollywood Walk of Fame too seriously, especially given the ambiguous criteria for selection, I don’t find it difficult

to appreciate anything that makes Angela Bassett happy. Because the

Yale grad is brilliant, and very lovely. And it makes me happy to take

any excuse to look at pictures of Angela Bassett.

She’s been lovely as historical

figures, such as Rosa Parks.

And, of course, Tina Turner.

(If you haven’t seen What’s

Love Got to Do With It
lately, check out the trailer here and watch this next clip. Talk about showing off her biceps.)


She was also lovely pairing

with Laurence Fishburne (Ike to her Tina Turner in What’s Love Got

to Do With It
) onstage at the Pasadena Playhouse in August Wilson’s


And she was a little more butch,

but still lovely, as Mace in Strange Days.

And she’s even been lovely

in very bad movies, such as Mr. 3000.

And Vampire in Brooklyn.

She was lovely paired with

Taye Diggs as Stella, when she was getting her groove back.

But even though Taye Diggs

is fairly easy on the eyes, I prefer her in this pairing with Diane


If looking at pictures of Angela

Bassett is not enough, you can also catch her in Meet the Browns, which opens today.

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