Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (March 7, 2008)



After I watched the train wreck hilarity that was Bridget McManus and Karman Kregloe interviewing celebrities at the 3Way Hollywood Premiere Party last month, I got the crazy idea to give them their own red carpet/travel series called You Can’t Take Them Anywhere! Yes, more of Bridget and Karman running around with a microphone is a scary proposition! But the good kind of scary (mostly).

It’s a “red carpet/travel” series because they’ll be covering both celebrity-type events (parties, fundraisers, and events like Dinah Shore) and travel destinations like Lake Tahoe and Cancun, Mexico. But both types of episodes will feature them interviewing people — gay and straight, famous and not-so-famous — in their humorous, gay, and slightly inappropriate way.

In their first episode, Karman and Bridget interview guests at IN magazine‘s 10th anniversary party in Los Angeles, including actresses Thea Gill and Carlease Burke and radio host Doria Biddle.

Unlike the vlogs, which are new every week, we’ll probably run new episodes of this series only twice a month or so, depending on what’s happening. This weekend, Bridget and Karman are at Lake Tahoe WinterFest (that’s a gay and lesbian ski week) shooting their next episode, which will include Karman attempting to snowboard and failing quite spectacularly. Look for that in a week or two. (I know I will!)


In partnership with Q-Me Con (an annual conference focusing on queer media), we’re announcing a contest to find the next great lesbian/bi web series!

We want to use as a place to help launch the next 3Way, Time Traveling Lesbian, or You Can’t Take Them Anywhere! While we can’t give you money to make your series, we can give you a platform to expose it to a large and very passionate fan base. And since our readers also include women who work in the entertainment industry at all different levels, we’ll also be giving you the opportunity to showcase your writing/editing/acting skills to women who are in a position to fund your series. Or hire you. You never know what could happen!

The deadline for submission is April 15, 2008. We’ve posted the submission guidelines in the forum, but here are some of the highlights: Your series doesn’t have to be big-budget, it just has to be good; it’s not limited to Americans — anyone may apply, as long as the series is in English or has English subtitles; and both scripted and unscripted series are eligible. Oh, and obviously, the series should have some lesbian or bisexual women, or a lesbian/bi story line or theme.

We’ll review all the submissions, and up to three winners will be announced at the Q-Me Con NYC 2008 Women’s Summit during the panel, “Alternative Routes: Web & Mobile Distribution Opportunities for Your Queer Content” on Saturday, May 10. For more information about the Q-Me Con NYC 2008 Women’s Summit, visit

All three winners will have their episodes published weekly on, but the Grand Prize Winner will also receive:

  • A feature in GO magazine.
  • A 30-minute one-on-one mentorship call with Nancylee Myatt (Emmy-winning writer, former show runner of South of Nowhere, and current producer on the web series 3Way).
  • A 30-minute call with me to talk about online promotional strategies for your series. (Besides running for six years, I have extensive experience in online advertising, search engine marketing and viral online marketing … and why do I suddenly sound like I’m applying for a job?)

This is your opportunity to make the lesbian series you’ve always wanted to see! With the demise of South of Nowhere, the ending of The L Word either this season or next, and Cashmere Mafia just making lesbian/bi visibility worse (if it even gets renewed), we need to be creating our own entertainment now more than ever.

And if you’re new to this and have doubts about whether you can make a web series, remember what Margaret Mead said: “Never underestimate the ability of a small group of lesbians to change the world.” Or something like that.


British lesbian magazine Diva recently had to change its cover at the last minute because a major European retailer deemed it too controversial.

Dorothy Snarker’s blog won the Lesbian Lifestyle’s blog of the year award! A very deserving choice, in our completely unbiased opinion.

There’s a new off-Broadway musical debuting that focuses on the relationship between Gertrude Stein and her partner called 27 Rue de Fleurus.

In the Life Media is now seeking documentaries about the LGBTQ experience for their 2008 and 2009 seasons.

We need more stories for our Dinah Shore improv! Get cracking, all you creative types!

The next episode of Cathy DeBuono‘s vlog What’s YOUR Problem? will be posted this afternoon, with guest Jennifer Corday.

Bridget has a special guest on Brunch With Bridget this weekend …

Yes, last weekend when I was in L.A., I finally accepted Bridget’s invitation to be a guest on her vlog, and what started out as a conversation reminiscing about our childhoods, ergonomic technology products, and the ’80s series Rags to Riches quickly descended into a name-calling session that could only be settled with a Very Special Pillow Fight. Tune in to on Sunday morning to watch the downward spiral.

That’s it for this week! Got the inside scoop on a hot new lesbian/bi actor/musician/TV show/film? Tell us at [email protected]. Check back next Friday for another edition of Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever.

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