Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (March 7, 2008)



As we told you last week, HBO Latin America has launched an edgy new drama series called Capadocia, about a women’s prison in Mexico City that is consumed by power struggles among prisoners and the people who run the prison. Naturally, since it’s a show about a women’s prison, lesbian relationships are prominently included.

A riot broke out in the first episode, and a prisoner named Bambi (Cecilia Suárez) took that opportunity to kill the reigning leader among the prisoners and take over.

The spoils of her victory included the dead prisoner’s girlfriend, “La Colombiana” (Cristina Umaña).

As reader Paula explained, “everyone wants to be with [La Colombiana], so the one who has all the power in prison has the ‘right’ to be with her.”

OK, so that’s a little disturbing. But reader Anna wrote to us that she was impressed by the realistic way in which prison riot was portrayed. She also told us about several memorable points in the first episode, including the fact that some of the women were in jail for “crimes” such as stealing diapers and milk for a newborn or hitting a rapist; the fact that the one in charge of the operation during the riot and the leader of the special forces were both woman; and the speech given by prison administrator Teresa Lagos, who said that that women aren’t forgiven for crimes that men are instantly forgiven for because women are portrayed as the foundation of the family, which is society’s foundation.

Sounds intriguing. Spanish-speaking readers can learn more about the show and watch trailers for it on Us non-Spanish speaking readers will just have to wonder again why we took French in high school instead of Spanish.


Out actress Saffron Burrows co-stars in a new film opening in the United States this weekend called The Bank Job. But I’m more interested in her upcoming film Dangerous Parking, directed by Peter Howitt (Sliding Doors) and opening in the U.K. on May 23 (thanks to AE reader Cloogle for the tip!), because she plays a queer character in it named Claire.

Based on the novel of the same name, the movie follows a drug and alcohol–addicted indie film director’s attempt to turn his life around. According to the movie’s official website, “When fate sends him a guardian angel in the shape of cellist Clare Mattheson, he tries even harder to shift his focus from self abuse to self preservation — and on the road to selflessness … and that is when Mother Nature deals him the cruelest blow of all.”

I’m guessing the “cruelest blow” he suffers is discovering that Claire is romantically involved with another woman and not interested in him. To which I say, buck up, mister! Lesbians have to deal with that every day, ’cause we’re always falling for straight women, and you don’t see us making a movie about it! Well, not this year, anyway.

There’s no U.S. theatrical debut set for the film yet, but here are some pics:

Is it just me, or is there something sexy about a woman and a cello? Ditto a woman playing the piano. Or the violin. OK, I guess it’s just musical instruments in general.

Except the recorder — that just conjures up memories of having to play “Hot Cross Buns” 6 million times in elementary school. Yes, I’m still bitter.

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