Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (March 7, 2008)



John Polly at recently interviewed the cast of Sex and the City about the upcoming movie (opening May 30) and got some great comments from Cynthia Nixon about the movie and her personal life.

Nixon and Kristin Davis in the new Sex and the City movie

My favorite quote from Nixon was in response to a question about the show’s gay sensibility. “For the first couple of years, we didn’t have any women writers on the show,” she told John. “The two writers we had were gay men and there was this idea, that actually these characters are not really women, they are really gay men — which was always very annoying.” That last line was so unexpected that it made me laugh.

When John asked whether “the show’s progressive reputation made it easier for, er, one of you to come out” (love that question!), Nixon responded:

It’s funny, when I announced and said, “Yes I’m dating a woman,” it freaked people out a lot. I think people have a hard time separating us from our characters. So people were like, “Miranda is GAY!???” And there were all these crazy things I would read in the paper, like “… but Miranda kissed a girl and she didn’t like it. And Samantha’s had a lesbian lover, shouldn’t she be the one?”

And another freaky thing was because our characters are seen as so iconic, it was also viewed as maybe like, “Hmmm, is this is a trend?” Like, maybe this is what happens to these women, who are out there and dating a lot of men. Eventually they start dating women, that’s what happens. This is where Sex and the City takes you! Miranda dated too many men and, well, whatta you know? Now, this.

I’m guessing there are more than few actors who can sympathize with Cynthia on this issue of being confused with their characters — the straight actresses on The L Word, for example, probably have to fend off romantic invitations from women all the time, and Janina Gavankar probably received a lot of bad hats last Christmas. On the other hand, I bet not a lot of people pick a fight with Summer Glau anymore, so it’s not always a bad thing.

Read scribegrrrl’s new blog post about the interview to learn more about what was said about the movie.


Actresses and recent We’re Getting Nowhere guestbians Meredith Scott Lynn and Coley Sohn — aka MC Jew C and Lil’ Mitzvah of “Merry Hanukkah (A Jewish Christmas Rap)” fame — just created a hilarious music video for their new rap song, “You Say Hillary/I Say Obama,” in which they battle it out verbally over whether to vote for Clinton or Barack.


Funny and catchy, with a message that’s strikingly on point, and music provided by “DJ Vajayjay.” What’s not to love?

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