Star yearbook photos: Were any “Most Likely to Succeed”?


One of life’s great shared

injustices is the yearbook photo. We all had to get them. And — unless

they’ve somehow magically found a cure for awkwardness, geekiness

and general dorkitude since I was a teenager — most of us dreaded them.

For whatever reason, be it bad skin, bad clothes or the steadfast yet

ultimately misguided belief in the transformative properties of big

bangs, many of us look back at our school pictures and cringe. Or, at

the very least, giggle. But you know what? Celebrities had to get them too,

just like us mere mortals. Now that is what I call justice.

So, let’s play a little

game called Name That Teenager. It’ll be fun; like being back in high

school, but already knowing what everyone will look like at the class

reunion. Let the games begin:

Among them you have a Rock

star, an Alien hunter, an alphaBette and the possible next president

of the United States of America.

Give up?

Up next, a group that clearly

spared no expense on the Aqua Net.

In fact, I think a large portion

of the blame for the hole in the ozone layer can be attributed to aerosol

hairspray use by the two on the left.

Give up?

This next lot butched it up

in their formative years, or more accurately, their hair did.


right is giving me a total Some Kind of Wonderful

flashback. God, how cute was Mary Stuart Masterson in her fingerless

gloves in that movie? But I digress.

Give up?

Finally, I bring you some possible


I’ll give you a hint: Three of them have almost the exact

same first name. Also, can we please savor the mad fashion genius that

is top left hand corner’s pencil motif T-shirt? Are those No. 2 pencils?

She is so ready for her SATs.

Give up?

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