Sia’s Coming Out


Australian singer-songwriter Sia Furler thought she was just

"chatting with her mate" at the U.K.’s Attitude magazine when she casually mentioned she was having love

problems — with an American girl.

"Is it serious?" the interviewer asked.

"It is for me," she said. "For her, I don’t


At 32, Sia is coming to terms with her sexuality, and she

doesn’t feel prepared.

"I’ve been talking to my love interest about what I am,

and she’s like, ‘Are you going to come out?’ And I said, ‘I guess already did

in Attitude.’ And I’d already told

all my friends."

Sia continued: "The thing is I feel kind of straight

because she’s kind of like a boy. [My love interest] thinks I’m straight. She’s

like, ‘You’re straight; it’s just that your girlfriend is gay.’ So I’m

straight, it’s just that my boyfriend’s a girl? She’s like, ‘I don’t care,

whatever you’d like.’"

Clearly, Sia’s just trying to figure things out. She

unexpectedly starting dating her "love interest" five months ago

after spying her on a friend’s MySpace.

"I saw her picture and I guess I kind of knew who she

was and I’d forgotten," Sia said. "I, um, stalked her until she would

be my love-a!"

Despite having done hours of press phone calls all day to

promote her new album, Some People Have Real Problems, Sia

sounds happy, and her thick Australian accent has an optimistic tone. Her speaking voice is very different

from the vocals on her album and on past releases, such as her contribution to

Zero 7’s "In the Waiting Line" from the Garden State soundtrack or her hit single, "Breathe Me."

Her vocals are sultry, deep and serious — which is why it’s so funny to hear

her talk about learning to be a "lezzie."

"There are so many stereotypes that I have to learn

about," she said. "It’s so new and it’s so fun because it’s basically

like going to the library and finding like a whole genre of books you didn’t

even know existed that now you can relate to."

On the cover of Some

People Have Real Problems
, Sia is pictured with chin-length, straight blond

hair, bangs cropped just above her eyes looking into the distance. Her mouth is

slightly open, and she’s holding three markers in front of her like a

microphone. On her face, she’s drawn a rainbow heart.

"I had to do an article for Rolling Stone about what my style was, and as a joke I wrote ‘sexy

clown,’" she said. "Then I realized that it’s true — maybe I am a


Sia said she’s been obsessed with rainbows for a while,

admitting to owning several rainbow items and "typing rainbow into eBay for


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