The Lo-Down: Episode 2.4


This week, Sarah P. and I bring you updates/rants on hot lesbian careers (thanks to viv24 for the suggestion!), the LU’s plans to endorse a presidential candidate, a most unique sofa, Cashmere Mafia‘s annoying lesbian bridal shower, and Lucy Liu dating an Asian guy. Plus, a musical visit from out American Idol reject, Alex Bull, and Sarah and I take bedtime stories to the next (logical) step.

I was struck by the typo bug again this week — you’ll notice that the opening title says this vlog is Episode 2.3, but actually, it’s Episode 2.4. You’re in the right place if you’re looking for all new (fake) news from me and Sarah P. As always, send us your Crock P.O.C. suggestions in the comments!

The Lo-Down: Episode 2.4

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