Brooke Shields has spirit


This weekend, Super Bowl XLII went

down as one of the biggest upsets in football history, and I came in

for one of the biggest shocks of my own recent history: I actually cared.

It might make me a bad lesbian, but I’m normally the one who goes to

the parties for the Cheetos and party favors (not to mention the

real competition — who can score the craziest commercial). This

time I found myself obsessively checking in online. I blame being

overseas: As an expat, I find myself being called upon to explain everything

from sloppy joes to Mitt Romney, so I sometimes feel a little nostalgic

for the things I never really understood in the first place.

But has posted something in a football spirit

that I can understand. I personally like the ref outfit.

Yes, Brooke


posed in a pinup-style football spread for Parade magazine.

The photos took me for a pleasant stroll down memory lane; I still remember

her early Calvin Klein commercials. I mean, wow.

In an accompanying article, Shields discusses being fortysomething

in life and in Hollywood, after growing up as a child star. I’m

morbidly fascinated by stars discussing aging in a business (heck, a

culture) that worships youth and beauty, so this article didn’t disappoint.

As someone who landed roles

before her first birthday, Shields says she finds it hard to remember

sometimes that she’s no longer the youngster on the set:

“I’m just coming to terms with

it. My husband [screenwriter Chris Henchy] laughs at me. Sometimes I’ll

read a part and identify with the material, and I’ll say, ‘Oh, honey,

I really like this.’ He’ll look at me like I’m crazy and ask, ‘What’s

wrong with you? You’re not in your 20s. You seriously think you can

walk in there and get this role? It’s going to a 24-year-old.’”

She also says that she’s never had

Botox or plastic surgery, even though it’s not always easy to age in

an industry where she was endlessly photographed in her youth.

“The other day, I was working with

a photographer to recreate an image we had done years ago. When I saw

my face, I kind of went, ‘What is that?’ I assumed I was going to look

the same, and I didn’t. It was a shock to my system.”

She goes on to touch on the controversial

roles of her early career, including Pretty Baby, a movie set

in a brothel. I happened to catch part of this on TV last week,

and it freaked me out a little — she’s barely 13, and playing a role

far too sexy for her years.

Her latest project, Lipstick Jungle,

due to premeire Thursday in the U.S., hasn’t been highly

anticipated on this site,

and it’s a shame Shields’s talents may be wasted on a show more interested

in indulging gender stereotypes than breaking them. But I’m still

a fan of Shields. And of any actor who manages a 40-year career

and still looks like she’s having some fun.

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