Why Sarah Silverman doesn’t suck


I should stop saying that I couldn’t love Sarah Silverman more. Because almost every time I come across a new photo or quip, I end up loving her more.

Her latest instance of lovability is the cover story in the February issue of Wired, “Why Things Suck!”

Silverman helps the Wired editors rant about such sucky things as plastic packaging, Evite, air travel, whiteboards and subscription cards in magazines like Wired.

She offers her own contribution to the roster of suckage:

Like when idiots in her audience shoot low-quality video of her stand-up act. “I make a joke explaining why I’m asking them to stop, and then guess what,” she says. “They keep shooting — usually with s–t-eating grins on their faces, waiting for me to get mad or do something embarrassing. Those people suck.”

But she’s no cynic, either:

“A lot of comics have a kind of superstition. They romanticize misery and think they need it to be funny. I don’t thrive on that at all.”

And she knows just how to be serene in the face of suck:

“I would say the only things that truly suck are those things you cannot control. All other sucky s–t can get unsucked just by changing your perspective a degree or two, or just doing something about it.”

I wonder if I can get a collection of Sarah Silverman audio files to use as error messages on my Mac? They’d all have to include the word suck, of course. And maybe some words that rhyme with it.

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