The Lo-Down: Episode 2.2


In The Lo-Down‘s second fake news show, Sarah P. and I report on Paris Hilton’s L Word partying, heterosexual WBNA players, and advances in gaydar techologies. Plus, we pay homage to our sisters in the struggle by reading from the 1972 lesbian feminist classic, Lesbian/Woman. (Seriously, you’ve gotta read this book!)

In this week’s Crock P.O.C. we delve into such hot topics as … well, you’ll just have to watch to find out! Thanks to everyone who contributed ideas last week for our vlog; we even incorporated some of them (in slightly modified format) into this week’s episode (specifically, thanks to

lashun, spotticus and

Ottoman Empress). If you have suggestions for future Crock P.O.C. topics or for (fake) celezbrity guests, let us know in the comments!

The Lo-Down: Episode 2.2

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