Sound Check: January 2008


Canadian Carole Pope‘s vocals are androgynous and deep, which suits her dark lyrics and subject matter. From bitter breakup songs such as “World of One” to an odd ode to the United States titled “Americana,” Pope’s veteran voice is always the focus of her album Transcend.

Transcend is an ideal listen for fans of The Cliks, who borrow from Pope’s sexual brooding and honest declarations of love and selfishness. Originally put out in 2004, the album has been rereleased with the bonus track “Johnny Marr.” The songs straddle surreal electronica and alternative rock, but largely they sound fit for film scenes. It’s no wonder that Pope has had past success licensing songs to Queer as Folk and The L Word.

Los Angeles guitarist and singer Corday‘s first mistake is naming her album Superhero. The clichéd theme has been used by several artists, and Corday just doesn’t add any originality to the idea. In fact, she’s not even the superhero in her own song: “Where do I go? Where do I find you? Where’s my superhero?”

Watch the video for “Superhero” by Corday below:


The rest of the album is more of the same — boring re-creations of low-fi pop-rock love songs. Fans of similar formulas will appreciate her likeness to Sophie B. Hawkins on songs such as “Linger.” Corday makes the kind of music most people assume all lesbians listen to.

News and Notes

Meshell Ndegeocello‘s The World Has Made Me the Man of My Dreams came in at No. 19 on’s tally of the best critically reviewed and ranked albums of 2007.

In another internet poll, music blog included four queer women on their list of the 50 hottest women in indie rock: Tegan Quin (No. 9), Sara Quin (No. 17), Beth Ditto (No. 24) and Amanda Palmer (No. 37). Palmer also showed up in Alternative Press‘ January issue, discussing her upcoming solo album, Who Killed Amanda Palmer?

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