The Lo-Down: “A Shot at Love” Episodes 7 and 8


Since we skipped A Shot at Love last week to eat turkey and geek out about Battlestar Galactica: Razor, this week on The Lo-Down Sarah P. and I cover two, count ’em, two episodes of the reality show to which I am strangely drawn (Sarah’s still not impressed). Luckily, A Shot at Love isn’t nearly as complex as Razor, so fitting in two episodes in one vlog wasn’t too hard. I even had time to give an impromptu chopstick usage lesson.

In addition to introducing you all to my Chopstick Theory, we discussed the following topics:

  • Why the chocolate pudding challenge, unlike chocolate pudding wrestling, was just not sexy.
  • Domenico’s horrible, no good, very bad choice of swimwear.
  • Ryan and Bobby being forced to come out — as dating a bisexual!
  • What Dani (and all firefighters) should do until they are dead or disfigured.
  • Plus, the Tila doll returns to show us just how skilled she is as a pole- and lap-dancer.

Since we covered two episodes this week, we Sarah also came up with two questions for you to ponder:

    1. What would Domenico look like as a woman? (My PhotoShop skills are just not good enough here!)
    2. Do all white men have an Asian fetish?

Without further ado, here we go:

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