U People: Episodes 2 & 3


Hanifah Walidah and Olive Demetrius are back

with two episodes of their video blog U People, which chronicles their

experiences making the movie U

(if you missed their first episode, watch

it here).


In their second episode, Olive and Hanifah head out to legendary dance party

Ubiquita‘s 7th

anniversary at BAM in Brooklyn. There they interview promoter Kim Knox

about one of NYC’s best parties and all the music, sex and good

times that were had over the past 7 years.  Also featured are DJ Reborn

and singer Sun Singleton, telling us their U People



In this episode, Olive and Hanifah ask their viewers to focus on success as they

try to drum up some good mojo around U People getting into the Tribeca

Film Festival. Gloria Bigelow is back on the streets again,

fresh from a successful show in Texas. She talks to fashion designer Maurice

Renee and comedian Amy Beckerman about their U People moments. The

U People soundtrack guest this week is Shelley Nicole of

Shelley Nicole’s BlakBushe. She talks about her song “Black Girls,”

which is featured on the U People Soundtrack.

Watch them both here now.

Episode No. 2: “The Road to Ubiquita”


Episode No. 3: “Tribeca Mojo”


Heads up for NYC readers: Ubiquita and U People are joining forces

Thursday, Nov. 29 at the White Rabbit on the Lower East Side, for

a screening and reception for the film. So check it out if you’re in the NYC

area. Get more information at www.upeople-themovie.com.

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