The Lo-Down: Dani Update and a WOC TV Guide


This week on The Lo-Down I admit to a shocking truth: I am starting to like A Shot at Love. (I know, I know!) Sarah P. doesn’t entirely share my perspective on this matter, but that didn’t stop us from delivering yet another vlog in which we talk about the MySpace Queen’s dating show.

But we didn’t only devote our snarky selves to disemboweling MTV’s latest reality casualties; we also talked (at length) about women of color on television. Last week we asked you to tell us which women of color make you proud, and your responses made us realize that there are so many women of color out there (really! like over half the globe!) that we can’t possibly cover this territory in one top 10 list. There will have to be many!

To start off with, we are presenting you with a list of women of color you can watch on TV, night by night. (Catch them now before they go into reruns because of the WGA strike.) We spent so long talking about them that I had to split up our vlog into two parts: Part 1 focuses on Shot at Love, while Part 2 is our extensive, WOCtastic guide to television. (So those of you who do not share my disturbing interest in Shot at Love can just skip to the WOC TV Guide.)

Here’s what you can see in Part 1:

  • Why Malinda has crossed to the Dark Side and now actually enjoys watching A Shot at Love.
  • Dani Update — How did our favorite suitor do this week? And an update on our request for an interview.
  • Evidence for why Vanessa is insane.
  • The mystery of Amanda: Why is she still on the show? Anyone know?
  • Plus, Dani’s date re-enacted, and a bonus confessional at the end.

Watch Part 1:

Here’s what you can see in Part 2:

  • Why sperm is the opposite of church. (Really.)
  • Why it’s hard to snark about Life.
  • Why you should go out on Saturday nights.
  • Tawny Cypress, Sarah Shahi, Tyra Banks, Sandra Oh, Michaela Conlin and more! (Sadly, they do not make actual guest appearances.)

Watch Part 2:

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