The Lo-Down: All Dani, All the Time


This week on Shot at Love, something miraculous happened: Tila kissed Dani! And it was hot!

In honor of this momentous moment, Sarah P. and I focused pretty much all our attention this week on Dani — our favorite Shot at Love contestant, as well as Sarah Shahi’s Dani Reese on Life.

Among the subjects that came up:

  • A Dani fashion retrospective, from the pink sponge bikini to the khaki angel
  • Why Dani’s technique is so superior
  • Whether last week’s Life was boring or much-needed character development
  • Plus, a re-enactment of Bobby and Vanessa’s bitchfight

We also really enjoyed all your comments last week and especially liked

pecola’s suggestion that we create a list of the top 10 women of color on television who make us proud. Sarah P. and I were a bit disorganized this week, however, and weren’t able to get that list together in time for this week’s Lo-Down. So we thought we’d ask you all to help us put together a list, which we will present with some kind of thrilling flourish (maybe with costumes) next week.

Therefore, our question of the week: Who would make your list of the top 10 women of color on TV who make you proud? We wanna know!

Here’s this week’s vlog:

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