2008 calendars: Who do you want to help you pass the time?


Believe it or not, 2007 is quickly winding down. The new year will be upon us before you know it. As a result, I am currently trying to decide which new calendar will adorn my sparsely decorated cubicle in the coming year. Really, the idea of shopping around for a new calendar is the fault of Sporty, Posh and the rest of the Spice Girls. They will not be adorning my walls, but news of their new 2008 calendar is what prompted my train of thought.

Sure, they’re not horrible to look at or anything, but the two-month reunion tour will be more than enough Spice Girls for me. A full 12 months would just be overkill in my world. Paris Hilton has a 2008 calendar too, but any time spent with her would be too much for me.

Instead, I’m thinking something more along the lines of Battlestar Galactica or The L Word. The only problem is, while my cubicle is sparsely decorated, I have room for only one 2008 calendar. And frankly, the options are almost endless. So, instead of shelling out my hard-earned cash for something published by someone else, I decided to create my own calendar for 2008. And what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t share my latest brainstorm with all of you? (A non-working one, that’s what kind.) So, for your perusal and enjoyment, here is Siege’s 2008 wall calendar.

January — Melissa Etheridge

Her voice alone would keep me warm on a cold January night in the Midwest, and frankly, it has. Oh, to be the lucky farm girl who gets to curl up next to this every night.

February — Drew Barrymore

Isn’t she just the kind of girl you can see handing out little heart-shaped candies on Valentine’s Day? I’m guessing they would be a bit more risqué than the ones I buy at the store every year.

March — Angelina Jolie

She’s just the woman to start the spring thaw. I know she could distract me long enough to make it to April, when it’s finally warm enough up here to go back outside to play.

April — Leisha Hailey

For some strange reason, when I think of the cleansing spring rains, it makes me think of Leisha. No idea what that means. It’s just the way it is.

May — Mary Louise Parker

From April showers to May flowers. Weeds have flowers, don’t they?

June — Sarah Shahi

Personally, I think Shahi is the perfect beauty to ring in the summertime sun. She is hot enough to rival the sun, after all.

July — Eliza Dushku

Is it hot in here? It is now. I just hope my air conditioning doesn’t go on the fritz while Dushku is standing guard over July. I’m liable to melt down.

August — Rose Rollins

Summer just keeps getting hotter and hotter. I have a new theory about global warming, and it involves Rollins.

September — Grace Park

I don’t care if Lt. Valerii is a cylon. In fact, part of me is happy she’s a cylon. It means even when TPTB over at Battlestar Galactica decide to kill off one incarnation after another, Park is still around for me to enjoy.

October — Mary Stuart Masterson

As far as I’m concerned, Masterson will always be a tomboy drummer and a bee charmer from Alabama, rolled into one. She’s perfect medicine for the changing of the seasons.

November — Gabrielle Union

Curling up on a nice soft blanket next to a comforting fire with a cup of hot chocolate is one of the best ways ever to spend a cold winter’s day. Add a healthy dose of Union, and it becomes an official cure for cabin fever.

December — Katee Sackhoff

Why does Katee Sackhoff adorn December? Because I think it would be a blast to ring in the New Year with the woman who brought us both Starbuck and Sarah Corvus. It’s clear she can kick the crud out of 2008 as it rolls to a close.

Who makes your 2008 calendar?

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