The Lo-Down: “Tila Tequila” Episode 4 and Why We Love “Life”


Last week on The Lo-Down, Sarah P. and I asked you all whether we should talk about something other than Miss Bisexual MySpace, and most of you responded with a resounding “Hell yeah!” So this week, in addition to covering the shenanigans on Shot at Love, we also talk about our new favorite police procedural, Life, aka Sarah Shahi Is a Hot Cop.

Sarah P. and I were also floored by the amazing responses you gave to her question:

Why do people have a problem with butches? So many of you answered with thoughtful, considerate answers that we both felt lots of warm fuzzies for the intelligence of’s readers. Go you! To thank you all, I thought you might enjoy this belated Happy Halloween treat:

Yes, that’s Sarah as the cowardly lion (from The Wizard of Oz) terrorizing an innocent little schoolgirl boy scout. (I came with a boy scout troop, but they all seem to have abandoned me to my fate.)

This week, the following hot topics came up in our vlog (feel free to give your own take on these issues in the comments):

  • Why Battlestar Galactica: Razor qualifies for its own special Lo-Down treatment (look for it the weekend after Thanksgiving)!
  • Why “hell” is better than “heaven” — and it’s got something to do with “man cuffs.”
  • Tila’s stereotype-enforcing definition of “bisexual” (rant alert!).
  • Sarah Shahi: Do you want to be her or date her?
  • And last but not least, a lost confessional from none other than our favorite Shot at Love suitor, Firefighter Dani.

Here’s this week’s vlog:

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