A celebrity costume how-to guide for Halloween


It’s T-minus seven days to

Halloween weekend, and you know what that means, right? It means that

it’s time to find a costume. But before you grab that bed sheet and

just pass yourself off as Casper again, why not take a cue from the

stars instead? Look, wasn’t it nice of Bones stars Emily

/Wonder Woman and Michaela Conlin/Cher (with Catwoman

Tamara Taylor hiding in the background) to model their outfits in

advance for us?

It’s easier to look

like a famous star than you might think. Here is a quick do-it-yourself

guide to dressing up like your favorite celebrity this Halloween, complete

with a handy checklist of supplies you’ll need for each look.

Amy Winehouse: A beehive

wig. Fake tattoos. Three cases of eyeliner. Optional — a tall, skinny

hanger-on with bad teeth and a pork-pie hat.

Paris Hilton and Lindsay

Jail duds. A long blonde wig. A long brown wig. A friend

with questionable taste in celebrity crushes.

Serena Williams:

Tennis dress. Racket. Headband. Muscle suit.

Amanda and Marc from

Ugly Betty:
A low-cut dress. A snarky attitude. Your best

gay boyfriend.

Claire from Heroes:

A cheerleader outfit. Some ketchup. An air of invincibility.

David and Victoria Beckham:

Note, this outfit requires the services of your butchest girlfriend,

preferably one with a buzz cut. For Becks — a sharp suit. A skinny

tie. A scowl. For Posh — a blonde bob wig. A tan in a can. A pout.

Two volleyballs.

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