Celebrity bloggers: famous people need readers, too


Alyssa Milano blogs about baseball.

Margaret Cho vlogs her Sensuous Woman tour and

photo blogs getting tattoos.

Pamela Anderson uses

her blog to assure us that she's a good mom.

Those are just three of the

big-name bloggers on Celebrity Cowboy's

, "66

Celebrities that Blog." Why would people who hire publicists to

manage their messages take up blogging? Well, let’s see.

In the case of Victoria Beckham's

, her favorite

subject is, well, Victoria Beckham. The latest entry features

photos of Posh in Paris, complete with her own fabulously

clever captions.

"There's never a taxi

when you need one!"

Mariska Hargitay's blog, at her site, mariska.com, includes posts about her, written

by others, but Hargitay seems to do most of the posting herself. She

shares a speech by Bill Gates, thanks fans for kind words about

her Emmy nomination and talks up her Joyful Heart Foundation that helps sexual abuse survivors.

Actually, the whole site is pretty cool and makes me like Hargitay even

more. As if that were possible.

I'm a fan of Rosie O'Donnell's blog. Her free-verse style of writing turns

off some people, but she's funny, raw and self-deprecating. And her

passion is unwavering, whether she's praising Jenny McCarthy's

work with autism or quoting Joni Mitchell lyrics. Sure, she gets

on tangents from time to time, but don't we all?

Jenna Fischer maintains

a blog at Pam Beesley's myspace

. The post

that earned this blog a bookmark on my browser is The Acting Advice

Fisher wrote

last year — it's sincere, honest and endearing. And the blog has gone

uphill from there.

Other celebrity blogs worth

checking out: Kevin Smith's My Boring-Ass Life, Meredith Vieira's Meredith Today, Lily Allen's myspace blog, Wil Wheaton's WWdN: In Exile and Jeopardy champ Ken Jennings' Confessions of a

Trivial Mind
. And

a number of famous folks, including John Cusack, Jamie Lee

, Alec Baldwin and more, expound on the issues at The Huffington Post.

My personal favorite is Good Evening, by John Hodgman, the weird,

wonderful Daily Show correspondent and PC on the Mac/PC ads.

Hodgman is very, very dry and much of the content requires inside knowledge

of hobos. What can I say? Vagabonds make me laugh.

How often do you read celebrity

blogs? Which ones do you love — or hate? Be sure to post links with

your comments.