SHE MADE ME WATCH THIS! Lesbian Celebrity Taboo!


It’s the Lesbian Celebrity Taboo edition of She Made Me Watch This!

with a fun new ’70s-style intro and guestbian Karman Kregloe (since she was crashing on our couch, we figured

we’d get some more work out of her).

This is our video version of the board game Taboo

with a lesbian twist, in which we try to guess the famous lesbian (or bisexual

woman) based on progressively easier clues. Think you know your celezbians?

See how well you do with brilliant clues like "she has a girlfriend who’s

a model", "she can’t act", "she had really big hair in the

’90s" and "she played a spy and a queen."

Also discover how cute Lori looks in a baseball hat (not that I’m biased),

why I was a fan of Cindy Crawford as a child, and why Karman

likes to play the X-Box game Jaws.

She Made Me Watch This! Lesbian Celebrity Taboo

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